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Midwifery Care

Finn, Jade, Owen holding baby Thando and Chloe.

Thando's mum disappeared into the night after giving birth to him. Despite my frantic efforts she was never to be found. He was adopted by Owens parents who have moved to Canada with the children.

Heather is a midwife based in the Te Kuiti region service the Waikato area.

She has recently been working at Waikato hospital in all the wards of the woman's health section of the hospital.

Gaining experience in the tertiary sector enable her to fully prepare women needing or wanting to birth at hospital. Heather has gained certification in the specialized areas of epidural, diabetic infusions and inductions to enable continuation of care throughout the midwifery experience even when intervention is required.

Most of her midwifery experience is gained in rural South Africa.

Heather worked as a senior midwife in the obstetric unit and loved the role as a clinical skill tutor to midwifery students. She also was asked to give HIV education to the communities and schools.

Delivering in various scenarios Heather's favorite midwifery story is delivering undiagnosed triplets on the 3/3/3 via natural delivery.   

My philosophy.

Birth is a natural but hugely significant event. Every midwifery setting should be directed by the mother and family and their desires considered to ensure a safe, enjoyable and special outcomes.